Talk to a nurse

If you have questions about HIV or any other topic about your sexual health visit HealthLinkBC, or talk to a registered nurse at the BC Centre for Disease Control who can provide you with the information or the referrals you need.

HIV contact list

Health care providers can now access local and provincial HIV-related resources by visiting the Northern Health Care Provider Practice Support contact list.

HIV/AIDS Resources for Professionals

Contact list for HIV-related care providers and online resources now available

Health care professionals can now access local and provincial HIV-related resources by visiting the Northern Health Care Provider Practice Support contact list.

UBC offers HIV Testing in Family Practice program

The University of BC’s Faculty of Medicine offers the HIV Testing in Family Practice program through its Continuing Professional Development department.

The aim of the HIV Testing in Family Practice program is to provide free, accredited education about the importance and rationale of routine HIV testing and how it can be implemented in family practice.

BCCDC offers website for health care providers working in sexual health

SmartSexResource is the BC Centre for Disease Control’s sexual health website. It hosts STI Updates, a blog for health care providers and agencies working in sexual health. Stay up-to-date with weekly posts on locally-relevant topics such as STI trends, epi updates, clinical tips and new research in BC. Subscribe by RSS or email and have each new post sent directly to you! 

This section contains important resources and materials for northern health care professionals who are working with HIV/AIDS patients. These sections are continually evolving and will be updated on a regular basis.

Physicians ResourcesFor Physicians:
The BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS Primary Care Guidelines have been posted as a link, in addition to other important resources and information. 

View our Physician Resources

Resources for PharmacistsFor Pharmacists:
Visit this section to find guidelines for community pharmacists involved in HIV treatment; links to local and online resources; and downloadable documents for treatment and medication.

View our Pharmacy Resources

Resources for NursingFor Nurses:
Public Health nurses play an important role in testing and supporting people living with HIV/AIDS. Visit this section for information on testing, treatment, support, advocacy, and liaising with other service providers.

View our Nursing Resources

Community Agencies

Community Agencies:
There are several agencies in our local region with a mandate to assist and support those who are living with HIV/AIDS. They can offer information, support and other resources.

View information for our Community Agencies

Mental HealthMental Health and Addictions:

Stress, mental illness, and substance abuse can worsen HIV/AIDS and other health conditions by making it difficult for people to attend medical appointments, keep to a medication schedule, or lead a healthy lifestyle.

View information for our Mental Health and Addictions is sponsored by the STOP HIV/AIDS pilot project which is funded by the Government of British Columbia supporting Northern Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, the Provincial Health Services Authority, Providence Health Care, and the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. The STOP HIV/AIDS project aims to expand HIV testing, treatment, and support in British Columbia.
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