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If you have questions about HIV or any other topic about your sexual health visit HealthLinkBC, or talk to a registered nurse at the BC Centre for Disease Control who can provide you with the information or the referrals you need.

HIV contact list

Health care providers can now access local and provincial HIV-related resources by visiting the Northern Health Care Provider Practice Support contact list.

HIV/AIDS Related Resources and Information

Help Stop the Spread of HIV/AIDS

It is important to educate yourself, your spouse, your kids, parents and friends about HIV.  The face of HIV has changed as times have changed. HIV can affect everyone: women, children, men, youth and their families. But the good news is that HIV is now considered a manageable, chronic disease and is 100 per cent preventable.

Remember the catchphrase: "1 condom, equals 0 transmission, and that can be 1 life saved." You can be a carrier of  HIV for years without even knowing it. But HIV tests can be done to let you know if you are one of the people in northern British Columbia who is unknowingly spreading this virus. Request the Test today and find out your HIV status.


FAQs about HIV/AIDSWe have put together some of the most common facts about HIV.  How to contract it, what it really is and what it does to your body.  It pays to be knowledgeable so that you can protect yourself and avoid the risk factors that can lead to infection.

Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions about HIV/AIDS


Take our TestDo you think you know everything there is to know about HIV/AIDS?  Test your knowledge and spend just a minute to take our Interactive Quiz. There are many myths and misconceptions about HIV/AIDS and we would like to set you straight on the facts so that you can pass on this knowledge to your friends and family.

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Treatment of HIV/AIDSIf you find out that you have HIV the first thing to do is try to find a doctor who has experience treating people with HIV. Your doctor will assess you and, depending on your situation, may start you on HIV medications right away. But not everyone has to take medications as soon as they are diagnosed with the virus.

Find out about more by clicking Treatment Options for HIV/AIDS


Find the nearest testing locationThe face of HIV has changed. It can affect anyone — no matter what your gender, age, race or sexual orientation. That’s why it’s so important for anyone who may have been exposed to HIV to get tested. That includes anyone who uses injection drugs or anyone who is sexually active.

Find the nearest clinic/health unit and Request the Test is sponsored by the STOP HIV/AIDS pilot project which is funded by the Government of British Columbia supporting Northern Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, the Provincial Health Services Authority, Providence Health Care, and the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. The STOP HIV/AIDS project aims to expand HIV testing, treatment, and support in British Columbia.
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