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If you have questions about HIV or any other topic about your sexual health visit HealthLinkBC, or talk to a registered nurse at the BC Centre for Disease Control who can provide you with the information or the referrals you need.

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Download our posters to print and share with colleagues, friends or other interested individuals or groups.

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As of January 1, 2018, the BC government now covers HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Medication (PrEP) for individuals at high risk.

Full guidelines for using PrEP are available from the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (BCCfE) including the prescription forms to access this medication.

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May is National Aboriginal Hepatitis C Awareness Month

Aboriginal Peoples have a right to access and benefit from hepatitis C (HCV) prevention education and awareness, as well as related care, treatment and support to maintain a quality of life in a culturally appropriate manner. This month is an opportunity to:

  • Address common attitudes that may interfere with prevention, care and treatment activities; and
  • Reduce hepatitis C and HIV /AIDS-related stigma and discrimination

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New: Testing and Resources Package for Care Providers, Community Organizations & Person/Family

HIV/HCV Regional HIV/Hepatitis C Specialized Support Team - Call 1-888-645-6495 or see our referral form (self referrals also accepted). We offer social work, dietician and clinical pharmacist services

Package includes:

  • Ideas on how to implement routine HIV testing into practice
  • Main points under prevention/testing/treatment/maintenance
  • Communication process for specialized support team
  • Specialized support team referral form
  • Importance of HIV screening and general health screenings
  • General information on keeping healthy and family planning with HIVI
  • Informed consent and resources
  • Lab req for HIV test (with option to add on other labs and screening tests) that can be signed in by doctor/nurse/NP
  • Contact numbers
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$1.59 million distributed across the north to support community based HIV/HCV initiatives

As part of the Provincial STOP HIV/AIDS initiative 8 agencies and 23 First Nations Communities will receive funding. It is expected the new services will be operating by April 2017. This will help to continue and expand the reach of services to vulnerable people, raise awareness and testing for HIV and Hepatitis C, provide education and harm reduction supplies and to reduce stigma.

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Regional HIV and Hepatitis C Implementation Plan Report has been released

Northern Health is marking World AIDS Day 2015 by building on successes to stop HIV transmission in the North. The plan will build on our current understanding about HIV transmission and treatment, while broadening the reach and impact of community services. The plan will also build on the foundations of the award winning Prince George STOP HIV/AIDS pilot project and HIV101.

Over the next year, Northern Health’s HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C team will involve family physicians, specialists, community agencies and Northern Health staff in coordinating and improving efforts to achieve the Ministry of Health’s “From Hope to Health; towards an AIDS-free Generation” goals, and global targets established by UNAIDS.

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Seek and Treat for Optimal Prevention (STOP) of HIV Progress Report has been released

This report, released July 17, 2015, summarizes the progress in Northern BC related to the STOP HIV/AIDS (Seek and Treat for the Optimal Prevention of HIV/AIDS) program and the goals set out in the provincial strategy From Hope to Health: Towards an AIDS-free Generation (BC Ministry of Health [BC MOH], 2012).

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BC's HIV/AIDS medical pioneer, Dr. Julio Montaner, inducted into Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

The head of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Dr. Julio Montaner, has been inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

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BC's Northern Health expands number of sites offering new HIV testing initiative

Northern Health is introducing a new health care initiative in Vanderhoof, Fort St. James and Fraser Lake that complements our current strategies to reduce the spread of HIV throughout northern B.C.

The initiative, which will see medical staff offer HIV testing as part of regular patient care,is currently being introduced in St. John Hospital in Vanderhoof, Stuart Lake Hospital in Fort St. James and the Fraser Lake Community Health Centre in Fraser Lake.

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BC's health care providers working in sexual health: Stay up-to-date with this BCCDC site

SmartSexResource is the BC Centre for Disease Control’s sexual health website. It hosts STI Updates, a blog for health care providers and agencies working in sexual health. Stay up-to-date with weekly posts on locally-relevant topics such as STI trends, epi updates, clinical tips and new research in BC. Subscribe by RSS or email and have each new post sent directly to you! is your source for information about HIV and AIDS testing, treatment and support in northern British Columbia

We know that HIV/AIDS is a difficult subject for many people to talk about. We know that stigma still surrounds this disease. But we’d like to break down barriers and talk openly about HIV and AIDS.

HIV can affect anyone — no matter what your gender, age, race or sexual orientation. The BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS estimates that 25 per cent of people who are HIV-positive don’t even know they have the virus. These same people are believed to be responsible for 75 per cent of new infections.

That’s why it’s important for anyone who may have been exposed to HIV to get tested. That includes anyone who uses injection drugs or anyone who is sexually active from the ages of 13 to 65 — and beyond. Early testing is key to stopping the spread of HIV. The virus can live in your body for years. But somebody with HIV may not show symptoms until late in the disease process. And if HIV is left untreated, it can lead to AIDS.

If you take an HIV test and find out that you have the virus, there are treatments available to help you manage the disease. As a result, people with HIV are now living longer, healthier lives. HIV is a chronic, manageable disease — not a death sentence.

So browse through our website and find out everything you need to know about HIV and AIDS. Discover where to get an HIV test in your community; what treatment options are available for people diagnosed with HIV; and how to find necessary support services.

Help us spread the word about HIV…not the disease. is sponsored by the STOP HIV/AIDS pilot project which is funded by the Government of British Columbia supporting Northern Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, the Provincial Health Services Authority, Providence Health Care, and the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. The STOP HIV/AIDS project aims to expand HIV testing, treatment, and support in British Columbia.
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